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Fitness & Nutrition On Steroids

Not literally of course...

My goal from the beginning was to create a step-by-step program to kick-start your fat loss and make your fitness goals attainable.  Our Bootcamp is simple, but not easy.  In this course, you'll get access and high-level instruction for Dynamic Movements, Best Training Practices and access to A Rock-Star Nutrition Program. Now, this isn't a bunch of theory... it's a proven program that's both fast paced, yet technique driven.   And most importantly, it's Results Based!

We are going to work with you to build confidence, trust, teamwork and a deeper understanding of fitness, nutrition and recovery. Your growth can start off small but like a tiny seed, this seed can grow into a strong tree because of all the attention, excitement and interaction that you'll have created during your time with us.

If you are already working out . . . cool. But everyone could use a better and more fine-tuned plan of action and I am going to show you the fastest, most effective way I know to get the results you desire and it does not involve an elliptical machine, a treadmill or cardioing your brains out. (I think I just made up a word).  And most of the time, those are the exact things preventing you from losing fat and fitting into your 'skinny' jeans.

In this Bootcamp, I'll show you how to get your body to work for you not against you. If you've been wanting a change in your routine and you're stuck in a rut, then investing in this program may be the most important thing you do this year (or ever!).

Crafting Your New Body

I'm going to show you Best Practices in regards to your current workout routine and nutrition for your specific body-type for maximum results and boundless energy. The way you create and structure your nutritional intake can be very different from following a one-size fits all approach.  And I am going to meticulously show you every last detail of how to create a nutrition program that works for you and not against you.


Don’t Take My Word For It...

"Since starting I've dropped several sizes, I'm much more fit, much stronger and EXTREMELY happy.  The Community has completely changed my life.  The coaches and other members here are now a part of my family and I truly feel that with all my heart.  Don't be intimidated or afraid because of your age or that you're going to get hurt.  I'm living proof that none of that has happened."

Carol Salden

Owner, SoJern Travel

"It's fun and I enjoy it...alot of my closest friends are now from here and I pretty much gained a second family.  Everyone is really nice and cool.  It's for anybody. Even if you're scared or injured, all the movements are modifiable and you just do what you can do.  So just do it!"

Evanne Ellenberg


"Your positive attitude and enthusiasm for growth is what keeps me amped for the next challenge."

Erika Druding


Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
The Ultimate Bootcamp

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  • YES, I understand that spaces are limited so it's important that I act now before registration closes.  We are only accepting 20 people into the program to ensure a high-quality, personal experience for all participants.
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  • YES!  I'm excited to receive a 2 week Unlimited Access Pass to the CrossFit OTG Ultimate Group Class program for my last 2 weeks of the Bootcamp to really boost my results! Rubbing shoulders with OTG's members will have an enlightening effect on how I view training and fitness.  (Value of $80.25)
  • Yes!  I know that it's not mandatory to attend EVERY single session to graduate. Attending more classes gives me better chances of achieving my goals and developing a healthy training habit.
  • Surprise Bonus Announcement #2:  Sign Up RIGHT NOW and you'll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to our '21 Day -At Home- 10 Min Training Series' for any fitness level - Beginner to Advanced.  This can be done anytime before or after the 6 Week Ultimate Bootcamp. (Value of $39.95)
  • Yes!  I'm excited to receive my 6 Week BONUS training to snowball my results and dramatically improve my Energy, Strength and Confidence. I understand that this BONUS training is done on my own time throughout the 6 week Bootcamp period. (Value of $49.95)
  • Yes!  I understand that this is both an AT HOME and AT THE GYM Bootcamp.  I am required to do fun, progressive, daily training for homework when not participating at the gym.  I also recognize that I need to track my results daily.  This is crucial to my initial and sustainable success!
  • Yes!  I understand this Bootcamp has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  I know that if I attend the entire first day of training and I'm not 100% satisfied, then all I have to do is tell a staff member at the end of the first day and I'll receive my money back - no hassles, no hard feelings, no drama.  My satisfaction is Nick's #1 priority.  This will be your only opportunity to receive your money back.
  • Surprise Bonus Announcement #3:  Sign Up RIGHT NOW and you receive access to 6 Specialized Nutrition, Lifestyle and Training Videos.  We will send you 1 video a week for 6 weeks throughout your bootcamp to enhance your learning curve and ingrain the concepts that will help you achieve your slimmer waistline and increased energy.  These videos review movements, training tips, nutrition best practices and much more! (Value of $99.95)
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We're ready to prove everything we claim. After signing up, come to the first session (Tuesday 1/12/16 @ 6pm) and if for whatever reason by the end of the session, you're not convinced that this will change your life.  I'll give you your money back. If the bootcamp does not live up to any the of the claims stated here, I don't want your money, and I'll give every penny back to you. Even if you don't like my haircut, no hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

I look forward to personally guiding you towards toned legs, a tight butt, strong, sexy arms and bikini tight abs.


Nick DiMatteo